Saturday, 28 December 2013

Merry Christmas to Everyone! I hope that you have all been well and enjoying plenty of laughter and cheer with friends and family! I was working over Christmas, so I just enjoyed the laughter and love with family, but I am making up for the cheer this weekend :)
This was our wine choice for the evening. We paired it with prime rib roast. At only $14/bottle it is a perfect bottle to have on your shelf for an everyday wine. It would go well with just about anything, or on its own. It has a very light oak undertone, with the flavour of fruit being the forerunner.
It won't be my choice for New Year's, but I would definitely buy it again. I will be at my sisters new place in Calgary to ring in 2014. With her inlaws there and the spirit and excitement in the air I think I will splurge on my wine for the evening. 
Stay tuned for my review of that one!

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