Monday, 30 December 2013

Fall In Love With the INKnBURN Tech Tube and the Many Ways To Wear It

A. Neck warmer   B. Twisted toque/beanie   C. Driving Miss Daisy (to be worn to keep warm, protect you from the elements and/or under a helmet)   D. Hair tie   E. Wrist sache (to wipe away sweat)   F. Head/Face/Neck protector (for skiing, running and more)   G. Headband (folded or wrinkled) 
H. Alice Band (to pull back hair and protect the ears)   I. Bandana   J. Tied toque/beanie   K. Straight On (stops perspiration from dripping onto face and protects the neck)  L. Neck/Face mask (protects from cold, dust, etc)

My favourite INKnBURN item when asked, has always been the shorts. Or my Run or Die tank. Or my Sugar Skull long sleeve. Well, all of them, really. But when I stop to think about which item I use the most (every run), and could not live without, it is the Tech Tube.

The Tech Tube is so versatile and comfortable that I believe that every active person, whether man or woman, runner, biker, or skier should have one!

The moisture wicking technical fabric that each Tech Tube is made from appears differently depending how you fold or wear it. The Tech Tube is breathable, wind resistant and has no pressure points when worn. In warm weather it will protect you from the elements of nature (sun, wind, dust and more), all while wicking moisture away. In cold weather the Tech Tube will keep you warm still while protecting you from the elements.

The Tech Tube is very simple to use, and I had no trouble figuring out the many different ways to use and wear mine. With all of the cold weather in Alberta right now I have been using mine mostly as a toque (both knotted and twisted to create a double layer).  I also favour it as a headband to keep my ears warm and to keep hair out of my face, both while exercising and while putting my makeup on. 

I have tried other brands (The Buff and one made by Salomon) but I now prefer the beauty, comfort and versatility of the Tech Tube. I find I do not get headaches as I have with others,  it is super durable and I cannot believe how quickly it dries!

INKnBURN is made right here in North America! The Tech Tube sells for $25USD and can be found online.

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