Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Revolution Is A Fun Ride!

Today I had the opportunity to try out a new spin studio here in Red Deer. My Revolution is the first of its kind here in Central Alberta. This weekend was a free weekend of spin to help celebrate the opening of the studio. There were full days of spin Saturday and Sunday that were open to everyone and anyone. This weekend was all spin, but there will also be yoga there in the near future.
Upon entrance to the studio it appears bright and clean. The friendly staff were not there right away, but it was because they were all inside with clients helping to set up their bikes. Once they saw us at the entrance they were there right away, smiling, and ready to assist us.
Shoes are mandatory as the pedals are clip only. Shoes are available to rent for $1 or you can bring your own.

The studio itself has quite a few bikes (28, I think) and the staff were great at assisting us all to set up our bikes. I have known the class instructor (Linzee) for a number of years, and she did not disappoint! She is fun, full of energy, experienced and easy to understand and follow.
The spin class is not like your usual spin class. It is done in low lighting, with loud music. The "Revolution" class is set to the music and each set was different, depending on the song. One of the sets even incorporated weights.
My final opinion....
It is always great to try new things! This studio is fun and energized and I will definitely be back on a regular basis.
You can visit their website for class times and prices
Have a great ride!

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