Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Training for Deathrace! What a Blast Over 3 Weekends!

Wow! What a crazy 3 weekends! At first I thought I really was crazy! How am I going to finish all of this running that I have signed myself up for?! I just kept reminding myself, One weekend at a time, and lots of down time in between.
First was Woody's Marathon. They had been calling for rain all week, so I was mentally prepared for that. It was the headlines that I liked the best "Red Deer likes Wet Woody's". I just learned that we even made the Ellen show! Clever ;)
I started with the mindset that I could maybe break 4 hours, but always thinking I have to take it easy, as I was running my first 50K Ultra the following weekend.
I felt good. I felt pretty strong. I definitely felt better than my first attempt at the same marathon last year! But as luck would have it, at about half way, I came across "runner trouble" and had to stop to use the facilities. But oh well, keep on running. Just one foot in front of the other, just keep running. 
Last year I hit "the wall" at about kilometre 36, I could barely walk, never mind run. But this year, I feel strong, and I ran the entire 42.2 km (except 200 meters on the last hill before the finish line). I finished in almost the exact time as last year, 4:04. Darn that bathroom break! Next year for sure!
It was very cold and extremely wet! There was a torrential downpour as I crossed the finished and could barely see, but I survived the first weekend, and have the medal to show :) 
Next was Blackfoot Ultra in Edmonton...
I took an easy week in preparation for the 50K. Woody's was on Sunday, so I took Monday and Tuesday as rest days, ran 12K on Wednesday and went to Hips and back yoga on Thursday. I took Friday off and Saturday is race day!
I was so nervous going into this race, I have never ran 50K before! I thought I could run it, as I felt good at the finish of Woody's, but I was scared out of my mind. I knew I would not break records, so I went in with a goal of 6 hours.
The race itself is about 30 minutes East of Edmonton in Beautiful lake and tree country. There is a 25K/50K/50mile and 100K race. All of the races follow the same 25 K loop. 
I was pretty excited at the start of this race as I knew one of my fellow INKnBURN ambassadors would be running the 50K too. Heather was super nice and I love that I got to meet another ambassador! the 2 Canadian ambassadors collide :)
Heather won 1st female! Congratulations Heather!
The thing I love the most about trail races and running as compared to road running, is that everyone is super laid back! My first loop went really well! I ran quite a bit of it with another lady that had a lot of really great stories to share about her running career. With her help I finished the first loop in 2:32. I stopped for a little break, to fill up my water pack, to pee and well, wait, I am running a timed event here! I took way too long there (10 minutes), but lesson learned :)
The second loop I chatted quite a bit with another runner from Red Deer, and another lady from Edmonton. I also made sure to walk all of the hills this loop and save some energy for the following weekend of training camp. I took my time and I could have hugged the lady that gave me ice at the second last aid station and the ladies that had ginger ale at the last station (Not because I was sick, just because I was sick of drinking water).
As I was coming up to the finish line I heard "Go Kristina". What?! I was not to have anyone cheering, they all stayed home. The best feeling ever! My father in law had driven out with my mother in law and my youngest son, Nolan. I was so happy to have them there!

It is thanks to Lloyd Meyer that I got the finishing photos as well as the one to follow, after my wardrobe change.
Again, I felt pretty good after running 50K! No! I felt amazing! I just ran my very first Ultra!!! 
I love this race! It was so well organized and supplied! I said I would never run another Ultra after this year, but I think I might do this one. It is fun!
So, it seemed to work for my last week, I thought I would try it again. Race was Saturday, took 2 days off, then spin on Tuesday, Hips and Back yoga Wednesday and day of rest of on Thursday, because Friday is when Deathrace training camp begins! 

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