Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Deathrace Training Camp

You see, I have signed up as a solo racer to run the 125KM Canadian Deathrace. I am very dedicated and committed, so I feel as though the training camp was a must!
Thursday evening I drove to Edmonton, just to break up the drive. I was on the road to Grande Cache, AB by 0615 (After a stop at Tim's).
Training started at noon with introductions and instructions, followed by a 8km bike ride. Immediately after that we began to hike/run Leg 2 of Deathrace. It was a beautiful day to summit 2 mountains. It was about 25 KM and it took us about 4 1/2 hours, with a few breaks and stops to discuss included. I really felt I was on top of the world! Even at the bottom of Leg 2! I just finished the dreaded Leg 2! 

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick shower and a light bite and then back out for a 5KM night run on single track. Note to self: I definitely will want my glasses for Leg 5 in the night! Lots of branches and tree roots....
The next morning began at 0930 with a 2 hour mountain bike ride of Leg 3. Now this girl is not a mountain biker. I brought my made for city bike and brought it down trails that it has never seen, and will probably never see again. I was more nervous for the bike ride than running the other 90km. But once I got down the first steep and hill and through the first giant puddle, I realized I was maybe enjoying myself. Actually, I was having a lot of fun! The only part I did not enjoy was scaling the coal/shale cliff (as the trail has been washed away). Thank goodness for the others in the group! They helped get my bike up the 90 degree cliff at the end...

Once we finished the last few kilometres up the highway, it was time for pizza and then back on the trail to hike/run Leg4. This is the same 38km that I ran last year, both in the race and as a training run. I drove to Grande Cache this weekend fully prepared to skip this as I didn't feel I would be able to make it. But surprisingly I felt great, so 2 1/2 hours up the mountain I go. And once we get to the top,  the views always remind me why I enjoy this so much! 

An hour and a half running down brings us to the Aid station, where they have beer waiting for us! What a great idea! Beer. And chips! Yum, what a great beer! Wait! We still have to run another 7km down to the bottom where our cars are waiting for us! Down we go..............
I was completely exhausted and totally dehydrated at this point. In the shower and out for supper we go. It turned into a late night as the supper and billing was extremely slow, but the food, though average,  tasted amazing!
Into bed by midnight and up again for a run and bike ride at 0830. I also thought I was going to skip this morning run, but I felt pretty good, so I joined the group. It was 6K through mud and swamp, up the mountain, down the mountain and then 10K mountain biking.
A quick lunch was had, and we met again at 1230 to hike/run the last portion of Leg 5. 18K. We finished where the actual finish line will be in August. What a great feeling! I just ran/hiked 85K and biked about 35 K, and I feel surprisingly good. Dale Tuck, the race organizer looked at me and said that I looked like I just showed up and was ready to run :)
Lets hope I can pull it all together and keep up my nutrition and hydration over 24 hours instead of over 3 days!
A couple of side notes to add, I would like to Thank Mike, from Leduc for running with me the entire weekend! I think we both helped each other through!
I would also like to add that I was voted best dressed every day by every single group member. Even Dale, though you could see it pained him to say it, admitted he liked my outfits :) Of course he did ;)
I would like to congratulate everyone that finished the weekend, or started and didn't finish! We accomplished more in one weekend than some people will finish in a lifetime. I look forward to race weekend in August. GO DEATHRACER!!!

*Next race is Rundles Revenge (50K) in Canmore, AB on June 22, 2014.

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