Friday, 28 February 2014

Review of INKnBURN Denim Pants

The denim pants from INKnBURN are just one more reason I am so fortunate to be an ambassador for them! The pants feel like silk when you put them on. I have had more than a few friends try mine on in the couple of weeks that I have had these pants and all of the girls do not want to take them off.

I have worn them for yoga and also just as pants to wear around the town. The great thing about these pants is that they look and feel so much nicer than jeans! I paired them with a pair of my Miz Mooz boots and they looked amazing! They don't stretch out like regular denim and there is no need to rip them off and change into "comfy pants" when you get home, as you are already wearing them.
They are priced at $99.00, but with my discount they would be less than $85.00. They are also more likely to last than most jeans. They are made right here in North America (in California), so you can feel even better about wearing them.
I give these pants a 10/10! I am in LOVE with them and want to wear them all of the time!
I am planning on wearing my denim pants as my second layer this weekend for my extremely chilly run. I will write about both after Sunday. They are calling for -35 overnight without the windchill. Hypothermic Half Marathon it will be indeed!

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