Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Life Changes

Hi there Everyone! I hope you are all staying warm this week with the cold front that has hit us here in Alberta! I have managed to log more than a few miles on my treadmill and on the running track at the the local gym as temperatures have hit -45C with the windchill Much too cold for this previously  fair-weather running girl :)
I am looking forward to this coming weekend very much! I will be heading to the mountains to visit my parents with my 2 boys.
I got to thinking how different life is after having kids, and it is definitely not a bad thing! In previous years (prior to kids) I would have been home to visit my parents to go skiing in the mountains of Fernie at least 5 times by now, but this is my first trip home this season, and I won't be bringing my skis! I will bring a couple of pairs of running shoes and my passport.
My plan is to make the 4 1/2 hour drive on Friday afternoon and to relax once we get there. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will involve my running shoes in some way. I am not actually sure if I am more excited to go running in the mountains or to drive the 1 hour past Sparwood, across the border, to pick up my new running shoes and INKnBURN that I have waiting for me. I guess both. I will get to try my new shoes and gear out in the mountains! Sounds pretty much perfect to me!
I will try to take a lot of picture while I am out on the trails of Beautiful British Columbia! I look forward to sharing them with you on here!

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