Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Running on Ice

What a great weekend of running to work! It proved to be challenging in many ways, but it was so great to finish my running early enough to hang out with my family! Running to work frees up time as I get the kilometres under my belt in a functional way, rather than squeezing in even less of them after my shift. Both days I was home earlier than I would have normally been if I had run after work. Perfect! :)
On Saturday I ran 5 Km each way in icy conditions, but a little warmer at only -7C. On Sunday I chose to wake up early and add an extra 5K to total 10K to get work and 6K home. I needed to run 15Km to keep up with my marathon training group, so 16K felt great!
The run to work on Sunday was very cold (-17 with the windchill) and also icy, but when running on ice I wear my trail shoes (because I have found the ice grips don't work well for me), and I just need to remember it is not about speed in these conditions. I just enjoy being out running, so playing it safe and taking small easy strides while carefully watching my footing is best.
The run home was in the sun the entire way and much colder at -17 without the windchill and -22 with the wind. It was also much more slippery as the sun was creating the nice little bit of sheen on top of the already rutted and frozen trails. Slow, easy steps :) I also saw just how windy it had been in the morning as there was an enormous tree in my path on the journey home. Perfect Deathrace training!
I am finding this is one of my toughest challenges of winter running. I am normally kind of a speed demon, so slowing my down :30-1:30/km was hard on my mental state at first. Once I released that stress I am just free and happy to be outside.
Run safe everyone! Have a  great week!

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